new work

The beginning of a new series of portraits that combine both my own facial features with that of well known celebrity icons of our time, including the likes of Justin Bieber, Kayne, and Marilyn Monroe, creating an uncanny portrait gallery of celebrities and icons of popular culture.

In a similar vein to how Warhol sought to connect himself with celebrities, these portraits hijack the faces of the famous and famesque imbuing them with the artist’s own facial features. Whether to pay homage, exploit, self-aggrandize or as a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery, Honey’s portraits explore the construction and expansion of the Celebrity in both Hollywood and the artworld.

Kayne West’s mouth is substituted for the artists much-less famous grill, Michael Jackson’s ‘nose’ is his own, but not his eyes or lips. This series of portraits is an exploration into the creation of celebrity and celebrity obsession, including reflection on how these famous faces become instantly recognisable to us, ingrained in our psyche. Themes of western cultural identity underpin the works and are demonstrated via the layering of characters and subjects. The created portraits often become several times removed from the celebrity they refer to; like the mutation of Chinese whispers, David Bowie is encased by his alter (and painted) ego Ziggy Stardust, and morphed with the artist who is recreating his likeness. These works exploit celebrity, while also seeking to create and expand it. These portraits unabashedly reflect a contemporary generation obsessed with celebrity, immersed in Facebook, tweaked in Photoshop, and perfected by cosmetic surgery.